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Green Pea Soup with Fresh Mint Cream

This soup tastes of summer. If you are using fresh peas use the pods to make a vegetable stock and use that as a basis for your soup. Having said that, best quality frozen peas also make a delicious soup, either way be careful not to overcook. This soup may also be served chilled but serve smaller portions.

Serves 6-8

25g (1oz) lean ham or bacon

1/2oz (15g/1/8 stick) butter

2 medium spring onions, chopped

700g (1 1/2lbs) podded peas, fresh or frozen

outside leaves of a head of lettuce, shredded

a sprig of mint

1.2 litres (2 pints/5cups) light homemade chicken stock or water

salt, freshly ground pepper and sugar

2 tablespoons (2 American tablespoons+ 2 teaspoons) thick cream


whipped cream

freshly chopped mint

Heat the chicken stock.

Cut the bacon into very fine shreds. Melt the butter and sweat the bacon for about 5 minutes, add the spring onion and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Then add the hot chicken stock or water. Season with salt, pepper and sugar. Bring to the boil with the lid off, add the peas, lettuce and sprig of mint, cook for 3-4 minutes approximately or until the vegetables are just tender.

Remove the mint, liquidise and add a little cream to taste. Serve hot or chilled with a blob of whipped cream mixed with some freshly chopped mint.

If this soup is made ahead, reheat uncovered and serve immediately. It will lose its fresh taste and bright lively colour if it sits in a bain-marie or simmers at length in a pot.


Be really careful not to overcook this soup or you will lose the fresh taste and bright green colour.  Add a little extra stock if the soup is too thick

Note – Serving Suggestion

Pea Soup

To serve, put a few fresh peas and pea shoots into a wide soup bowl.  Put the soup in a jug – each guest pours soup into the bowl themselves.


Pea and Bacon Soup

Add a few tiny crispy lardons of bacon to the peas.

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