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Hot-Smoked Salmon with Labneh and Watercress Oil

This is a lovely combination of flavours and textures. The various elements of the dish can be prepared ahead for last minute assembly.

Serves 4

320g (10 3/4oz) labneh

300-350g (10-12oz) hot-smoked salmon

4-6 tablespoons (5 – 7 1/2 American tablespoons) watercress oil

4 pinches of chilli flakes

coriander leaves and flowers

maldon sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper

Divide the labneh between 4 plates. Season with salt and pepper.

Using a wet tablespoon, make a shallow depression in the back of each mound of labneh. Place a piece of salmon beside the labneh. Drizzle on the oil making sure some of it rests in the little depression. Scatter a pinch of chilli flakes over each plate followed by the coriander leaves and flowers.  Serve.

Watercress Oil

This will yield more oil than you will need for the recipe, but it keeps perfectly in a sealed container for a month. I drizzle it over grilled meats, poultry, fish and vegetables or use it in a vinaigrette.

200g (7oz) watercress leaves or tender stalks or spring onion greens

320ml (10 3/4fl oz/generous 1 1/4 cups)  sunflower oil

Roughly chop the greens and blend with the oil in a Thermomix or liquidizer on full speed until completely smooth. Strain the oil through a square of cheesecloth or muslin. You will have to squeeze the muslin to extract the green oil otherwise if you have time you can hang it up and allow it to drip overnight. Freeze the strained oil. Once the oil is frozen, scrape the frozen oil into a new container leaving behind the frozen water residue. You can discard the water residue. This process will give you perfectly clear green oil.

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