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How to Joint a Duck and make the most of every little morsel with Demonstration Video by Darina Allen

In France, I once ate delicious duck rilettes in a restaurant called La Treille in the Dordogne. The chef explained that he used the little pieces of meat from the duck wings and carcass, which had cooked in the stock. The shredded meat was seasoned with salt, freshly ground pepper and quatre epices, and mixed with duck fat and served with hot thin toast. It was absolutely delicious. In this way every scrap of the duck is utilised and the stock may be used for duck gravy or beetroot soup. ‍‍

· First remove the wishbone from the neck end

- next remove the wings, put into stockpot·

- Remove the legs - roast or use for duck confit

· Remove the duck breasts.

- Tear off the inside fillet, use on a salad tiede.

- Trim excess fat off the duck breasts and save to render down for duck fat·

- Remove all the rest of the duck fat from the carcass - particularly the pieces near the tail end inside the carcass.

- Cut into small pieces and put onto a roasting tin in a low oven 100C / 200F.

- The liquid fat will render out slowly, the skin will gradually become crisp and golden.

- Pour the fat into a stainless steel saucepan or pyrex bowl.·

- Save the crispy 'grillons' in France these delicious morsels are sprinkled over a salad. ·

- Finally there is the duck carcass, if you have a cleaver, chop into smaller pieces and use for duck stock. Add the duck wings and giblets also and lots of aromatic vegetables and seasoning. · Save the duck liver for pate or for a salade tiede.

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