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New Potatoes Cooked in Seawater

It’s vitally important for flavour to add salt to the water when cooking potatoes.‍ Our freshly dug organic new potatoes are for sale in our Farm Shop here at the Cookery School.

VVCD (VCD if served with butter)

Serves 4-5

2lbs (900g) new potatoes e.g., Home Guard, British Queens (the variety we grow is Colleen)

2 pints (1.2 litres/5 cups) seawater or 2 pints (1.2 litres/5 cups) tap water plus 1 teaspoon salt

a sprig of seaweed if available

Bring the seawater to the boil. Scrub the potatoes. Add salt if using tap water and a sprig of seaweed to the water, and then add the potatoes. Cover the saucepan, bring back to the boil and cook for 15-25 minutes or until fully cooked depending on size.

Drain and serve immediately in a hot serving dish with good Irish butter.

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Darina Allen
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