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Fresh parsley is an excellent source of vitamin C and mint calms the stomach and aids digestion. This refreshing and highly nutritious Middle Eastern Salad must be served as a starter or as a main dish. I like to serve lots of well seasoned cucumber and tomato dice with the salad.

Serves 6-12 served as a starter or a main course

4oz (110g) bulgar - cracked wheat

1-2 ozs (25-50g) freshly chopped parsley

1-2 ozs (25-50g) freshly chopped mint

freshly squeezed juice of 2 lemons or more if you need it

3fl oz (75ml/scant 1/2 cup) extra virgin olive oil

4-6oz (110-175g) spring onion, green and white parts, chopped

salt and freshly ground pepper


6 very ripe firm tomatoes/ a selection of red and yellow, pearshaped etc., would be great, diced and sprinkled with a little salt, pepper and sugar

1 firm crisp cucumber, cut into 1/4 inch (5mm) dice

small crisp lettuce leaves eg. cos or iceberg

rocket leaves

black olives - optional

Soak the bulgar in cold water for about 30 minutes, drain and squeeze well to remove any excess water liquid. Stir in the olive oil and some of the freshly squeezed lemon juice, season with salt and freshly ground pepper, leave it aside to absorb the dressing while you chop the parsley, mint and spring onions.  Just before serving, mix the herbs with the bulgar, taste and add more lemon juice if necessary. It should taste fresh and lively.

To Serve

Arrange on a serving plate surrounded by rocket and salad leaves and little mounds of well seasoned tomato and cucumber dice. Garnish with sprigs of flat parsley, a few black olives wouldn't go a miss either if you enjoy them.

Wine Suggestion: Red Wine, Cornas - France, Avignonesi - Italy

Note: Parsley – high in Vitamin C content, iron and helps with kidney stones

Bulgar – good source of proteins, Vitamin E, B Vitamins, Zinc and Magnesium

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