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The Abundant Kitchen - Becki Melvie

Vegans, carnivores, picky eaters, and adventurous cooks will all find something satisfying to create and savour within these pages.‍

Becki Melvie is an alumni of Ballymaloe Cookery School, owns and runs a small business,  a cooking class instructor, and Proverbs 31 woman. Her mission is to help families have wholesome food with convenience. She continues to lead intrepid travel groups back to Ireland for culinary tours. Her experience includes work as a caterer and as a brand ambassador for a bone broth company. She started Abundant Kitchen in 2017 and now runs two Abundant Kitchen locations, one in Excelsior, MN and the other in Buffalo, MN. She contributes to food segments on broadcasting stations, speaks to young entrepreneurs, and writes for local food publications. Buffalo,Minnesota is home, with her husband and two boys. Meet up with her on social on Facebook and Instagram: @TheAbundantKitchen. Or find her at the nearest farmers market looking for a flaky almond croissant.


This cookbook is meant to be read while you're curled up under a blanket, notebook nearby for future grocery lists.Author Becki Melvie--chef, cooking instructor, mom, world traveller, and small business owner--shares a collection of stories and recipes inspired by the needs of the students in her cooking classes. Her down-to-earth approach and easy-to-follow instructions empower families to enjoy wholesome, yummy food.Chef Becki's focus is on easily sourced ingredients, basic cooking techniques, and flavors that remind you of your grandma's (or somebody's grandma's) cooking.

This beautifully curated collection of breakfast,lunch, dinner, dessert, and beverage recipes will inspire you to hit the kitchen in all four seasons. You'll also learn how to

  • store and use CSA veggies,
  • find and use wild mushrooms,
  • fix a proper cup of tea,
  • make a cartouche,
  • brine wild game and use caul fat,
  • improvise seasonal salads,
  • can homemade salsa,
  • turn a perfect French omelette,
  • handle a cast iron pan,
  • bake fish en papillote,
  • prepare bone broth,
  • use local produce for desserts,
  • cook for a crowd,
  • render tallow,
  • bake quick breads,
  • create the essential kitchen gadget collection.

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